Meet DCA’s 2015 COLA Artists!

Introducing DCA’s 2015 COLA Artists! Looking forward to seeing the new work, show opens May 17th, 2-5pm


Miyoshi Barosh

Los Angeles-based conceptual artist, Miyoshi Barosh, playfully confronts the structural underpinnings of American culture while negating ideas about progress, both in the individual psyche, as well as in the larger socio-political arena.

Kelly Barrie

The London-born, L.A.-based emerging artist, Kelly Barrie, taps into Venice’s local surf and skate culture. He continues to refine his technique of performance-based photography while delving into new territories such as freestanding sculptural work.

Baumgartner + Uriu (B+U) 

Baumgartner + Uriu consistently push the boundaries of architecture and urban design. Their work often entails experimental concepts and techniques that are not commonly found in the architectural profession including music, science and computation. Utilizing the unique techniques and resources available in Los Angeles, they integrate a wide variety of sustainability concepts and new building materials into their work.

Jeff Colson

Jeff Colson is known for using numerous materials to create pieces that often conjure familiar objects. Merging pop and conceptual art through the use of different mediums, Colson has framed his work to, at once, evoke a sense of silence coupled with humor. His art is a balance of traditional and less traditional, modernism, and baroque.

Marcelyn Gow

The architectural work of Marcelyn Gow produces translations, which render themselves through various mediums and with differing degrees of perceived accuracy. A partner and founding member of Servo Los Angeles, Gow is an architect by profession who now serves on the faculty of SCIArc.

Alexandra Grant

Alexandra Grant is a Los-Angeles based artist who uses language as a foundation for imagery in sculptures, paintings, drawings, crochet, and videos.  Known as a “radical collaborator,” due to her tendency to work with various writers, her collaborations allow her to successfully express the relationship between word and image.


Harold Greene

Harold Greene, a master woodworker, thrives on making furniture that is both useful and beautiful. Based in San Pedro, Greene practices traditional methods in creating his wooden masterpieces. With the intent to make durable pieces, Greene mixes and matches various woods of contrasting and complementary colors from around the world to construct his unique pieces.

Sherin Guirguis

Sherin Guirguis is greatly attentive to the balance between abstraction and figuration in her multi-media work. She works at the cusp of several traditional categories, through 2D and 3D mediums. Born in Egypt, the LA-based artist has exhibited work around the globe. 

Elizabeth Leister

Elizabeth Leister has successfully intertwined her interests in technology and art into her artwork. Interlacing traditional and digital approaches, her work includes drawing, performance, and video art. In developing and presenting her work, she utilizes the method and form that she feels best communicates her aesthetic.

Alan Nakagawa

Alan Nakagawa has worked primarily in sound and has been creating audience participatory sound experiences for the past decade. Drawing from diverse influences including personal family immigration experiences, architectural history, as well as his fascination with ultra-sonic communication of bats and marine mammals, Nakagawa has created a repertoire of installations and sound works that breakdown and then expand our understanding of listening and invisible form.

Barbara Strasen

Barbara Strasen has become known for her creative multi-image artworks. By combining photography, painting, and installation, she has successfully made works that are truly unique.

Barnsdall Art Park

Barnsdall Art Park