Arts Programs at Barnsdall Slated for Closure: Show your support

Nine cultural centers and theatres in the City of Los Angeles are slated for closure.

Arts for LA has received word that the City of Los Angeles has begun implementing its plan to cease community programs or close centers supported by DCA:

Watts Towers

1. Barnsdall Arts Center
2. Barnsdall Junior Arts Center
3. William Grants Still Arts Center
4. Charles Mingus Youth Arts Center
5. Watts Towers Arts Center
6. Madrid Theater
7. Barnsdall Gallery Theatre
8. Warner Grand Theatre
9. Vision Theatre (when the rehab is complete)

Community members of each of these centers are organizing independently. To support these community voices, Arts for LA has launched an online advocacy center for each of the slated facilities to allow stakeholders to express their support for their local arts center. As a convenor, Arts forLA’s goal for these campaigns is to provide a framework for communities to effectively organize around an area of mutual concern, interest and value. It is our hope that the City will continue to maintain its commitment to providing access to rich and diverse cultural experiences for its 4+ million residents and 25 million annual visitors. We also hope that the communities around these centers will be respectful and proactive in their comments.

Barnsdall Art Park

Barnsdall Art Park