2015 Los Angeles Juried Exhibition

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Stephanie Sydney “Aerial Bridge” 2015, Chris Hopkins “Warhead” 2015, Andrew K. Currey “<3” 2015


Biennial Show Captures LA’s Creative Spirit

On view from July 26th through September 20th

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The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs’ Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG) are pleased to present the 2015 Los Angeles Juried Exhibition, which will take place at the famed Barnsdall Art Park (4800 Hollywood Boulevard). On view from July 26th through September 20th, the pioneering biennial exhibition provides emerging artists from across Southern California with a competitive opportunity to exhibit their work.

Awarded biannually by the DCA, the displayed work is chosen by a panel of experts, this year’s jurors were art critic and curator Peter Frank, art professor & internationally-renowned artist, Fatemeh Burnes and Tomas Benitez, former executive director of Self-Help Graphics, the leading visual arts center serving the Chicano community in Los Angeles. This year, LAMAG received over 380 entries with over 850 works of art to be considered for the exhibition. The presentation features the selected works of over 80 talented Southern California-based artists across mediums including video art, sculpture, photography, printmaking, painting and digital arts as well as four installations, including a room-filling library by Chrystal McConnell that acts as an interactive self-portrait installation.

In honor of the exhibition’s summer debut, artists and the general public are invited to an opening reception on July 26 from 2-5 p.m. where awards will be announced for “Best of Show,” Second Place, Third Place as well as honorable mentions.

Celebrating the next generation of creative visionaries and nurturing the symbiotic relationship between LA, its artists, its history, and its identity as an international arts capital, the much-anticipated exhibition at the country’s last remaining municipal art gallery, explores our City’s truly dynamic and diverse arts scene. For more information, please visit: www.lamag.org


Selected artists include: Lillian Abel, Susan Amorde, A.S. Ashley, Anne Blecksmith, Ray Bravo, Elizabeth Chandler, Mark Crase, Andrew K. Currey, Laura Darlington, Kristin du Charme, Shannon Durbin, Paul Emberger, Michael Floeck , Kathi Flood, David Fobes, Sarajo Frieden, Curtis Green, Carole Goldman, Matthew Miles Grayson, Julie Green, Michael Haasis, Emily Halpern, Mark Hayward, Chris Hopkins, Walter Impert, Aazam Irilian, Louis Jacinto, Robert Klewitz, Russell Knight, Sheku Kowai, Joslyn Lawrence, Brian Kuhlman, Dave Lefner, Edward Lightner, Bruce Litz, Patricia Liverman, Erika Lizée, Ralph Loynachan, Dion Macellari, Louisa Miller, Jason Manley, Chris Mathis, Chrystal McConnell, Mike McLain, Zoran Milosavljevic, Stephen Morrison, Djibril N’Doye, Jim Newberry, Brooke Nasser, Jon Ng, Michael Ochinero, Monica Orozco, Thibault Pelletier, Susan Price, Antonio Pelayo, Melissa Reischman, Lynda A.N. Reyes, Todd B. Richmond, Regine Rode, Karrie Ross, Carol Roullard, Kerri Sabine-Wolf, Nairi Safaryan, Larisa Safaryan, Ilya Schar, Dorothy Shepherd, Mahara Sinclaire, Olga Seem, Lidia Shaddow, Aren Skalman, Baby Smith, Cheryl Smith, Kymm Swank, Stephanie Sydney, Lisa Talbot, Roger Thomas, Tiensirin Tienngern, Sue Tuemmler, Richard Turner, Emmalyn Tringali, Frank Ventrola, Art Venti, Dana L. Walker, Cecily Willis, Wendy Widell Wolff, Tomi Yang and Peggy S. Zask.


Peter Frank is Senior Curator at the Riverside Art Museum and an art critic for The Huffington Post. He has also written reviews for LA Weekly and served as editor of THE magazine Los Angeles and Visions Art Quarterly. He has contributes articles to numerous publications and has written many monographs and catalogs for one person and group exhibitions, organizing survey shows throughout the world, from the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid to New York’s Guggenheim Museum.

Born in Tehran, Fatemeh Burnes is classically trained in Persian art and verse. Received her BFA and MFA in art and art history, she is now a full-time professor of drawing and design as well as gallery director and curator at Mt. San Antonio College. An accomplished artist, she has exhibited both nationally and internationally and her exhibitions have been reviewed in publications such as art ltd, ArtScene, and The Huffington Post.

Tomas Benitez is the former executive director of Self-Help Graphics, the leading visual arts center serving the Chicano community in Los Angeles. Founded in 1973 and located in the heart of East L.A., Self-Help Graphics provides artists the opportunity to develop professional experience and serves as a vibrant community center. A working artist himself with a background in theater and writing, Mr. Benitez is a strong voice for Chicano arts in Los Angeles and beyond.

Barnsdall Art Park

Barnsdall Art Park